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Covid 19 Client & Staff Precations

We currently have strict sanitation requirements in place, however, we are taking additional steps to ensure everyone’s safety during this challenging time. The following are some of the safety precautions we will be implementing.


     1) Before entering our establishment, we will ask our clients to remove their personal masks and leave them in their vehicles. At the door, you will be provided with a disposable mask to be worn for the entirety of your visit and to be properly disposed of after you leave.


     2) Hand sanitizer will be provided in every treatment room, entrance/exit and bathroom doorways so that hands can be easily disinfected when needed.


     3) In order to maintain social distancing as much as possible, we have rearranged our lobby so that no one is closer than approximately 6 feet.


     4) We have acquired commercial grade UV lights that will be used in each room in between massages. These lights add an extra layer of sterilization over and above what we already do.


     5) Because of the extra time spent sterilizing the room, we will be adding additional time in between appointments and staggering start times whenever possible, keeping personal interaction at a bare minimum.


     6) All of our therapists will be provided with disposable face masks that they will replace for every client.

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